Dr. Dial-in
Privacy Policy

The developer of Dr. Dial-in respects your privacy rights while using the Dr. Dial-in application and recognizes the importance of protecting all information that you may choose to share. The developer hopes the following statement will help you understand how the Dr. Dial-in application handles your personal identifiable information (PII).

Generally, the Dr. Dial-in application does not collect any PII from you. To be specific, the Dr. Dial-in application does not require the user to register any PII for use of the application, nor does it collect any tracking information of the users use. All data input by the user in the form of text and photos and saved by the Dr. Dial-in application is restricted to the access boundaries of the application and the device it is installed on. The only exception to this is the information that may be sent to services in support of normal application functionality the user may choose to use. Such functionality includes but is not limited to location information used to assist in setting up Track Locations, and use of weather related services.

The only situation the developer may get access to your PII is when you personally decide to email your feedback or to provide the developer with a bug report. The PII the developer may get from you in that situation are strictly limited to your name, email address and your survey response only.

In above situation, the developer guarantees that your PII will only be used for contacting you and improving the application. The developer will never use such information (e.g. your name and email address) for any other purposes, such as to further market the application, or to disclose your personal information to a third party for commercial gains.

It should be noted that whether or not to send the developer your feedback or bug report is a completely voluntary initiative upon your own decision. If you have concern about your PII being misused, or if you want further information about our privacy policy and what it means, please feel free to email the developer at drdialin@overlandconcepts.com. The developer will endeavor to provide clear answers to your questions in a timely manner.